Aragonite Star Cluster Blooms

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The conservationist's stone, Earth Healer, in the area they are located they are said to clear blocked ley lines and aid geo-path stress.
Aragonite is a light sender, assist you to overcome stress, anxiety with the healing and balancing of the emotional body with heightened light energy in your surrounding area. Lessens resentment and anger to assist with past emotional or present issues to not take with you into the future.

Helps with spiritual healing so you can progress and proceed on your path.

Works with your base chakra (root) which is the foundation of physical energy and spiritual energy for the body. Aragonite is great for using to release that stagnant energy to the earth, if we are conscious to release that kind of energy on a daily basis we would greatly benefit from doing so, keep an aragonite with you to release and renew yourself daily to feel ground, balanced and centered.

Place in a central location in a room, one for each room you spend a lot of time, carry with you, and keep one on your desk at work. The possibilities are unlimited where an aragonite can be placed to assist you.

  • One Aragonite Star Cluster Bloom
  • Chosen at random
  • Approximate measurements - 1.25'' to 2.00''

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