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Anytime there's Change

Posted by Tere Michaels on 2/22/2019 to Daily Thoughts
You realize things are changing, you have to accept whether you move with them, towards them or away from them. In your decision you have to weigh your growth, you know if you stay still you will become stagnate. Chose your path wisely for yourself, not for others. Some ties that bind you won't be easy to break, it's your decision, yours alone. Tere

Trust yourself, Trust your Heart

Posted by Tere on 1/1/2015 to Daily Thoughts
As we go into the New Year, remember to start your New 2015 with "Goals" not resolutions. Set your "Goals", reach them, then set them further. With each step some goals will be accomplished, others will take further steps, some will take a leap of faith. "Sometimes we have to walk through the fog first in order to get to the clearing. Trust yourself, Trust your Heart." My wishes for each of you are to have a Happier, more Prosperous and Blessed 2015 ~ Tere

Witches aren't all bad

Posted by Tere on 11/30/2014 to Daily Thoughts
Witches aren't all bad, they can come in handy most times, no matter who you are or what spiritual path you walk. You would actually be quite surprise at the positive response of what you can get from one. Try it sometimes, instead of assuming the negative, embrace the positive. ~Tere

Our Perception is Our Reality

Posted by Tere on 11/13/2014 to Daily Thoughts
Our Perception is our reality. The rule of the house stands, (this has always been my house rule), if you take or think what someone else says to you in a negative matter, you need to have the courage to ask them, what they meant, because this is how you took it. It's a very hard rule for people to live by, because you have to have the courage to ask. If this were the rule of thumb of our lives each day, there would be way more positive outcomes.

Good and great things happen everywhere, everyday, even on days we think aren't so good

Posted by Tere on 11/11/2014 to Daily Thoughts
I passed a sign, message....'Good life changing lessons happening here, come on in". My passing thought, "there are good life changing things/events happening everyday, everywhere and anywhere. Why only there? We need to remember they are constant, some we see, some we don't, some we experience in order to make change, others we experience but do not realize or know they have happened." "Good and great things happen everywhere, everyday, even on days we think aren't so good". ~Tere

Our Thanksgiving Today

Posted by Tere on 10/25/2014 to Daily Thoughts
They say it's the little things in life, I have to say after today, it's the little things, the big things and all the in between things in life. You can't put your finger on just random things, for it is all things and all people in your life that really come together in each perfect moment of each day that make life complete. Tereism 10/25/2014 Today was perfect, there are no other words to describe today. You see, this is my crazy lovable family that I wouldn't change anything about any one of them. If each one of you knew just how proud and how much I love you. We had our Thanksgiving today, outside in perfect weather, perfect delicious home cooked food that I want to make sure Ms. Jo who catered our dinner knows was the best. She out did herself, Thank you, you helped make this day deliciously complete, Happy Mom moment, as we all got to spend the day enjoying time well spent together today.

Positive Growth Tereism

Posted by Tere on 10/16/2014 to Daily Thoughts
As adults, we cannot take responsibility for others, only for ourselves. When we take responsibility of others, we take away their will, their choices, their minds, their thoughts. We can only be there for them, to support them in positive ways, positive choices, positive is up to them to help themselves to make the choice for positive growth. Tereism 10/16/2014