High John Motor City Hoodoo Candle

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High John Hoodoo Candle is a deep dark purple candle with an uplifting patchouli blend - 2” x 4” pillar approximate burn time 40 hours.

With his long tradition in Hoodoo, High John is your powerful partner. It will make your spells as strong as they can be. He is the partner that gets your every day magic to the next level.

Label Message - The legend of High John goes all the way back to Africa and was the first root used for Hoodoo in America. This is powerful magic that continues to be used for success over any obstacle, male virility, trickery and getting your own way. Write your name and the magic you want to achieve on the back of this label. Turn the label ninety degrees clockwise and write across it, “High John, conquer this!” Place the folded paper under your candle holder; light the candle every day until it is gone. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Note: a candle can burn fast or slow for many reasons, it depends on the working, intent, energy and the environment, a draft, being close to a window or door can also cause a candle to burn faster.

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