It Sucks To Be You - Wicked Witch Mojo Candle

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It Sucks to be You Wicked Witch Mojo is a cedar-wood and vanilla blend in a black 2”x 4” pillar approximate burn time 40 hours.

 "You messed with Witch?! Well, all I can say sucks to be you!" - Dorothy Morrison Words of Mojo - 

I hold my ground and my fire burns you. You can push and push and push, but you have touched the immovable wall. It sucks to be you, a waste of energy, a fruitless endeavor, for the more you mess with me, the more miserable you’ll be.

Note: a candle can burn fast or slow for many reasons, it depends on the working, intent, energy and the environment, a draft, being close to a window or door can also cause a candle to burn faster.