Palmistry Hand Sculpture Palm Reading with Booklet

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Chiromancy, or palmistry, consists of the practice of evaluating a person`s character or future by reading the palm of that person`s hand. Various lines (heart line, life line, etc.) and mounts (or bumps), purportedly suggest interpretations by their relative sizes, qualities, and intersections.
  • Sculpted in a manner that conjures images of readings in old French Salons, or a hidden gypsy caravan, this miniature Palmistry Hand is a true delight
  • It’s made from antiqued, bone-colored resin and inscribed with planetary and zodiacal symbols
  • The back is flat and has felt pads so it won't scratch your shelves or walls
  • It would make a delightful conversation piece sitting upon a bookshelf, mantelpiece or desk
  • Comes with Reading Palms book
  • Measures 5.25"

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