Scarab Amulet for Courage & Protection

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Sacred to all Egyptian Sun Gods, the scarab amulet provided the wearer with both the protection of the Sun and its creative life-force. For Courage and Protection. The Egyptian mysteries hold the key to sacred truth and eternal wisdom. Embracing the ancient secrets of our most magical and spiritual ancestors, these precious amulets are reputed to offer the wearer life-enhancing empowerment. This collection features 16 exquisite pieces of Egyptian jewelry crafted in pewter and embellished with silver, gold and/or crystals. The Ankh, Bast, Eye of Horus, Cleopatra's Love Cartouche and an Opening Mummy Locket are just some of the highlights of this collection. This pendant is provided with a 18 inch chain and attractively packaged in a transparent jewelry box. Comes in a gift box with 18" chain. Approximate size: .75" x .75"