Success Bounty and Glory Magical Fairy Essence Sprinkles Pendant

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Fresh tilled earth and growing things... Success is what hard work brings. This is the saying that goes along with this Magical Fairy Essence powder. Sprinkle Fairy essence around you, close to your eyes and welcome your fairy into your heart. Enjoy the wonder your Fairy brings. Just remember, if you stay too long, you may be lost forever in that magical place of wonder. Do you believe? Enchanting, magical creatures known as fairies, are as diverse as grains of sand. Most people believe fairies to be small glowing creatures with wings. However, fairies are truly magical beings able to assume human form, or even become invisible. Fairies can also grant wishes. The fairies who make these tell us that the starlight varies from night to night, so the final color of the sprinkle and powders change accordingly. Expect variance in the exact shades and colors in the vials. Pendant and Vial is 1 1/2" Tall and Story Card Included.