The Morrigan Celtic Goddess of Battle

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The Morrigan is a Goddess of Battle associated with fate, birth and death and is otherwise known as the Phantom Queen or the Great Queen, both appropriate epithets, as she often appears in the guise of a crow. The Morrigan is depicted here holding a sword, ready for battle. A crow swoops down to perch on the soft landing of her open palm. Intricately sculpted in cold cast bronze, a process of mixing bronze powder with resin, the finish has the look of authentic metal. Take notice of the colored effects that bring The Morrigan to life in this conceptual statue. 10.25 inch high x 6.5 inch long x 3 inch wide. It's a striking piece rich with Celtic symbols and a must-have piece for any followers of nature religions.

Size: 10.25''H x 3''W

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