Tranquil Home Hoodoo Candle

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Tranquil Home Hoodoo Candle is a gentle lavender colored candle with a calming floral scent - 2”x 4” pillar approximate burn time 40 hours.

Fighting kids, an argument with a spouse, we all know how draining it is to live in a home that is out of balance.
Restore it with the Tranquil Home candle. Happy Home = Happy Life.

Label Message - "Smooth over arguments, solve disputes and bring peace to the entire household. If possible, have every member of the house hold or touch the candle. Write your troubles and the name of every person in the house on the back of this label and place it under the candle holder. Light the candle and let it burn every day until it is done."

Note: a candle can burn fast or slow for many reasons, it depends on the working, intent, energy and the environment, a draft, being close to a window or door can also cause a candle to burn faster.

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