Our Thanksgiving Today

They say it's the little things in life, I have to say after today, it's the little things, the big things and all the in between things in life. You can't put your finger on just random things, for it is all things and all people in your life that really come together in each perfect moment of each day that make life complete. Tereism 10/25/2014 Today was perfect, there are no other words to describe today. You see, this is my crazy lovable family that I wouldn't change anything about any one of them. If each one of you knew just how proud and how much I love you. We had our Thanksgiving today, outside in perfect weather, perfect delicious home cooked food that I want to make sure Ms. Jo who catered our dinner knows was the best. She out did herself, Thank you, you helped make this day deliciously complete, Happy Mom moment, as we all got to spend the day enjoying time well spent together today.
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Positive Growth Tereism

As adults, we cannot take responsibility for others, only for ourselves. When we take responsibility of others, we take away their will, their choices, their minds, their thoughts. We can only be there for them, to support them in positive ways, positive choices, positive thinking....it is up to them to help themselves to make the choice for positive growth. Tereism 10/16/2014
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